National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Any excuse is a good excuse to eat chocolate. 😊 This drawing took quite a bit of sketching, erasing, and starting all over again. I originally tried to make the character's hair like frosting on a cupcake, but nothing was turning out like I wanted. I considered drawing something else until I had the idea... Continue Reading →



I've typed out magician so much recently, it's starting to look misspelled, but that has nothing to do with my drawing. 😜 As always, I have so much fun drawing these characters! If there is someone or something you would like me to draw for you, just ask. I'm open to suggestions! 😊

Banana Split

The triple threat of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry! Do you like banana splits? If not, what is your favorite kind of dessert? I personally will eat almost anything chocolate. 😜 Would you like me to draw your favorite dessert? Leave a comment or send me a request. I love hearing from y'all! 😊


Sometimes in life you need one with all the fixings. A side of fries would be good too, and you can find those here! 😊 My next post will involve food of the dessert category so be sure to come back if you don't mind me making you hungry. 😜

Carrot Farmer

Hmmm.... One of these is not like the others. 😜 I had so much fun with this painting! I especially like how the jean overalls and plaid shirt turned out. 😊 I have quite a few posts planned for the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for more fun!

Yard Sale

Nice try, little guy! You can't be mad at him though.... He's so proud of himself for helping out! 😜 My drawings have been taking a lot longer lately since I've been practicing and adding more characters and objects to my artwork. I have so much fun drawing things with my artistic twist. 😊 As always, let... Continue Reading →

Painting Buddies

There's nothing quite like painting and making a mess! 😊 I really like this duo! They might make some more appearances on my blog in the future! I definitely want to draw them baking and/or cooking together. Maybe camping or planting flowers. Lots of possibilities.... What do you think? Is there something you would like... Continue Reading →

To-Do List

I thought this would be an appropriate Monday morning post. 😊 I had so much fun working on this character design! I didn't do much pre-planning because I wanted to capture the hectic, random feeling that comes with everyday life and planning. She's a bit frazzled but still calm, cool, and collected. 😊 As always, let me... Continue Reading →


I love poppies. I've always loved red. So naturally, I'm going to exaggerate both in my drawing. 😜 I had a lot of fun designing and coloring this character and her sophisticated outfit. I went with darker colors for her clothes so the red would stand out in the picture. 😊 As always, let me know... Continue Reading →

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