Alarm Clocks

Who thought a heart attack was the best way to wake up??? Seriously, who has the gall to make money on those little monsters? 😜 I'm so thankful I now have an electronic with soft music I can play for my alarm clock. I can enjoy a peaceful morning instead of feeling like I need... Continue Reading →


National Peanut Lovers Day

Do you like peanuts? My character has plenty to share! I like my peanuts if they include a baseball game, 😜 otherwise, I stick to peanut butter. I had a lot of fun drawing this character. I didn't do any preplanning, I sat down and drew the first thing that popped into my head. After finishing, I... Continue Reading →

Krispy Kreme

I have to admit if someone proposed marriage to me with a donut, I'd have a hard time refusing. 😜 The idea for this drawing came to me last week and I've been so excited to finish and post it! What's you favorite kind of donut? I love the glazed sour cream! Honestly, I could eat... Continue Reading →

Shrimp Alfredo

Creamy Shrimp Alfredo with garlic breadsticks has to be my favorite meal. Ever. I love eating it and cooking it so I thought the next logical step was to draw it. 😊 The colors were the most difficult thing to work on in this drawing. Trying to find shades that reflected the food I was... Continue Reading →


This was such a fun drawing! I loved designing the pancake, butter slice, and syrup container pattern for the character's dress. Once again, I need a fashion designer to collaborate with. 😜 I realized my next few drawing ideas are mostly food related (I must be in a mood) so I apologize for any cravings I... Continue Reading →

Narnia: Edmund & Lucy Pevensie

I have enjoyed drawing these characters from the Narnia books/movies these last couple of weeks! Capturing intricate details as well as fabric textures and patterns has stretched my artistic boundaries and given me an even greater love for drawing. 😊 I hope y'all enjoyed these drawings as much as I enjoyed working on them! If you... Continue Reading →

Narnia: Peter & Susan Pevensie

"Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia." This drawing took several hours to complete, but I didn't have the same problems that I had with my Prince Caspian drawing. My problem was I was having too much fun drawing details and textures that I didn't realize how much... Continue Reading →

Narnia: Prince Caspian

This character drawing was so fun but so frustrating. I gave up and set it aside more than three times, and I swear I went cross-eyed and slightly insane from staring at the same drawing for so long. 😜 The problem? His hair. I'm not joking. ( I can hear you laughing at me 😜)... Continue Reading →

Narnia: The White Witch

My little sisters have begged me to draw characters from the Narnia movies, but I never felt confident enough in my abilities to do them justice (and I didn't want to disappoint my little sisters 😊). Drawing the White Witch was challenging but so much fun! Her hair, her icicle crown, and her ombre dress were... Continue Reading →

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